Morse Code has been in and around this crazy lil events and music industry for over 12 years. With this experience comes a fair amount of knowledge and ability to assist clients in all areas of;

-  Publicity strategy and implementation

-  Marketing strategy and implementation

-  Social media strategy and management

-  Tour management

-  Sponsorship acquisition and servicing

-  Album/single servicing and tour publicity

-  Event management

-  Advertising campaign development

-  Artist and festival curation, programming and contract management

-  Client and membership database management and communications

-  Brand development and management.

Morse Code office

We're also pretty good at;

-  Making and devouring cheese platters, with accompanying vinos

-   Patting random dogs and cats

-  Making playlists (especially 90's r'n'b ones).


Morse Code has offices in Sydney and Perth.